Introducing: Stay True World
#thebalmforcalm  ECSTATIC LIP BALM

We are not your traditional lip balm and far from ordinary! We combine wellness and beauty with a generous amount of full spectrum, CO2 extracted (green extraction methods), 100% organic, hemp-derived CBD oil and have sourced the world for the highest quality of healing essential oils. We worked for over a year and a half in the lab creating this luscious, long lasting essence that not only is deeply moisturizing, but it helps to calm, balance and raise vibrations. Added bonus we are intentionally packaged plastic- free.  Feel the CALM. Raise the VIBE. Spread the LOVE.


Part Spirit Wisdom; Part Shenanigans

We Seek to Radiate and Inspire Acceptance, Gratitude and Strength


Have you heard about NO PLASTIC TUESDAYS?

Our mission is to inspire individuals to effect positive change with their daily choices by choosing to not buy anything packed in plastic or plastic products one day a week, we chose Tuesdays.  It is our intention and great hope that people across the globe will connect with us, participate on purpose, and take on the challenge of No Plastic Tuesdays.


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